The RT6 unit, commonly found in Peugeot and Citroen vehicles, can suffer from various issues such as a frozen screen, wrong software updates, or no radio signal. Here’s a guide to help you troubleshoot and repair these units.


Common Issues and Solutions

  1. Frozen Screen / Stuck on Boot Logo
    • Problem: The system freezes on the boot logo.
    • Solution: This could be due to a corrupted firmware or a faulty microSD card inside the unit. To fix this, you can reflash the firmware.
    • Steps:
      1. Remove the Unit: Carefully remove the RT6 unit from the dashboard.
      2. Access the microSD Card: Open the unit to access the internal microSD card. Replace it with a new one if it’s faulty.
      3. Reflash Firmware: Download the correct firmware (e.g., version 2.86) onto a USB stick. Insert the USB stick into the unit and follow the instructions to update the firmware​.
  2. No Radio Signal / No Sound
    • Problem: The radio doesn’t work or there’s no sound.
    • Solution: This could be due to a software issue or a hardware fault such as a failed amplifier.
    • Steps:
      1. Check Connections: Ensure all connections to the unit are secure.
      2. Firmware Update: As above, updating the firmware can sometimes resolve these issues.
      3. Check Hardware: If the issue persists, it may be necessary to have the internal components checked by a professional or replace the faulty parts​​.
  3. CD Drive Issues
    • Problem: CDs stuck inside the drive or the drive not working.
    • Solution: Manually eject the CD or replace the drive if necessary.
    • Steps:
      1. Manual Ejection: Use a paperclip inserted into the small hole on the front of the drive to manually eject the CD.
      2. Drive Replacement: If the drive is faulty, it might need replacing. You can find replacement drives online or at specialized repair shops​ ​.
  4. Configuration and Language Issues
    • Problem: Incorrect language settings or vehicle configuration issues after a firmware update.
    • Solution: Reconfigure the unit according to your vehicle’s settings.
    • Steps:
      1. Dealer Reconfiguration: After updating the firmware, visit a dealer to reconfigure the unit. This is often necessary as the latest firmware can overwrite the vehicle’s configuration, putting the unit into a secure mode​.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • USB stick with the latest firmware
  • New microSD card (if required)
  • Small tools to open the unit and access the internal components
  • Paperclip (for manual CD ejection)


Repairing the RT6 Magneti Marelli unit involves diagnosing the specific issue and applying the appropriate fix, from updating the firmware to replacing faulty hardware components. For more detailed guides and support, forums such as the French Car Forum and Peugeot Forums can be invaluable resources on auto elektronika serbia or robaizkine​.

By lucicn